Buyer Beware!

Why You Should Read Buyer Beware!

Purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest investments. On top of feeling excitement and joy, many individuals are afraid of making a misstep during the process. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, mistakes can lead to costly and long-lasting consequences. Having inside tips and information at your fingertips can help you avoid the same pitfalls other homebuyers have fallen into before.

That is where lawyer Pat Filice’s book, Buyer Beware! 101 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Home, comes in. Pat can help you steer clear of real estate purchase mistakes by answering your most pressing questions, including:

By revealing critical information about the real estate transaction process, Pat gives you invaluable insight and guidance on purchasing a home or condominium.

About The Author

Pat Filice is an Ontario lawyer and author with 20 years’ experience in real estate law. Armed with extensive experience in this field, Pat has also taught college-level classes on this subject. Now, he is sharing his extensive, behind-the-scenes knowledge about the real estate process with you.

Pat believes that everyone can understand a real estate transaction as long as they have some key information. To that end, he has gathered the knowledge he has gained through decades of practice to write a book that imparts valuable insights into the real estate process. It includes important tools such as checklists and worksheets to ensure homebuyers stay alert to important issues that will keep their transaction moving forward.

Sharing Knowledge Gained From Decades Of Experience

Pat also shares the insights he learned working with his longtime business partners. That means readers benefit from over 45 years of combined industry experience. Having this type of important information at your disposal will help safeguard your investment in your new home. It will also help you avoid the traps and pitfalls many homebuyers fall into.

By giving individuals a wealth of information about the real estate process, the book is an indispensable tool for every individual planning to buy a home or condominium in Ontario.

Get Even More Customized Answers To Your Questions

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