Domestic Contracts

Domestic Contracts To Protect Your Family’s Interests

Having well-drafted domestic contracts in place can be one of the best, foresighted investments that a family can make. These family law agreements can be made at any point during a relationship — before, during or at the end. They’re practical tools that can help define the relationship, reduce the potential for conflict and safeguard the interests of everyone involved.

At Filice Law, we have many years of experience helping families in Ancaster, Ontario, and throughout the Hamilton area to create these domestic agreements in a way that’s practical, cost effective and legally protective.

Family Law Agreements That Work

Our domestic contracts lawyer provides you with the legal experience and insight you need to create the most solid family agreements possible.

We can help you decide which types of contracts are best suited to your goals. Then, we’ll take the time to help you sort through the various areas to cover in each one and to negotiate the details such as property division, parenting issues and financial support.

Our goal is to help you create agreements that work both now and in the future to protect the interests of you and your family. Whether you are engaged, living common-law, married, separated or on the verge of it, we can help you draft family law agreements including:

Get Quality Professional Consultation

Clients appreciate the quality legal advice we provide at a cost that simply makes sense. If you’re considering having a family law agreement drafted, call us up for a professional consultation.

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