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Advising And Representing Same-sex And Common-law Spouses

Although the law recognizes same-sex and common-law couples, some of the key laws governing these relationships are different from those for married couples. When their relationship breaks down, such couples do not automatically enjoy all of the same protections as legally married spouses.

At Filice Law, our goal is to help families in Ancaster, Ontario, gain the professional legal advice they need to navigate the often complicated same-sex and common-law issues that may arise before and during, but particularly at the end of, the relationship.

Know Your Rights. Protect Your Interests.

Common-law and same-sex spouses do not enjoy identical rights and legal protections as married couples do. If you are at the end of a cohabiting or same-sex relationship, we can help you get accurate answers to such questions as:

  • Will family property and debts be divided equally?
  • Who has the right to stay in the matrimonial home after the separation?
  • Does a common-law spouse have a legal responsibility to financially support stepchildren?
  • Who gets custody of children in a same-sex relationship?
  • Do spousal support obligations apply to cohabiting spouses?
  • What kind of family law agreements can common-law and same-sex couples make?

Our firm believes that all families have the right to access justice. Our goal is create workable and durable family law solutions at affordable rates and with the highest level of professionalism. If you are a low-income family in need of a family law lawyer, call us to inquire about our flexible fee arrangement.

Get Quality Consultation

We are happy to provide your family with initial access to a common-law and same-sex lawyer. Get in touch with our firm to arrange a consultation today. Call 905-581-2266 or use our contact request form to request an appointment.