Separation And Divorce

Practical, Cost-effective Solutions For Separation And Divorce

Divorce and separation are among the most challenging life events that anyone can face. At Filice Law, we have helped clients throughout Ancaster and the Greater Hamilton Area, Ontario, to make their way successfully through the process.

Our goal is simple: help you achieve end-of-relationship solutions that you can live with at prices that make sense.

Workable Solutions That You Can Live With

At Filice law, our divorce lawyers have years of experience helping clients pursue their rights and best interests during the breakdown of a marriage or common-law relationship.

For simple, uncontested divorces, we know how to move your case expediently through the legal system. We can also help you draft a practical, legally protective separation contract. For complex or highly contentious cases, we can represent you in settling such disputed matters as:

We are experienced negotiators and can also help you make meaningful, effective use of alternative, out-of-court dispute resolution methods such as family law mediation. But where necessary, we are also equipped and ready to represent you in litigating or appealing your case through the courts.

Always Accessible And Hands-On

Part of our commitment to helping you through a divorce or separation case is to be reachable and supportive. Our lawyers welcome your calls and will always take the time needed to answer your questions and address your concerns thoroughly. It’s all part of our value-added service to make high-quality legal and customer service accessible to all families.

We also help low-income families access justice by providing flexible solutions on a case-by-case basis.

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