Commercial Real Estate, Financing And Development

Legal Advisory On Commercial Real Estate, Financing And Development

Commercial real estate often lies at the heart of a business’s operations. At Filice Law, we’ve acted as the legal advisor in commercial property purchases and sales, leasing, financing and development projects throughout Ancaster, Ontario.

We know how to meet the needs and bottom line of our commercial clients — by providing efficient, cost-effective service without sacrificing effective, insightful and high-quality legal advice.

Workable Solutions And Realistic Valuations To Get The Deal Moving

Our commercial real estate lawyers provide sound legal advice on projects involving either existing properties or future developments — including apartment complexes and office buildings.

Many property transactions take place in the context of the simultaneous purchase of a business itself. Each project is different, but more often than not, issues come down to lending problems. Those who easily qualify for financing in a residential context may run into problems over commercial deals. This is because the whole approach to appraising value is completely different in a commercial context.

Our role is to advise you early in the process — before you sign a deal. We can refer you to high-quality financing professionals. Once we help you determine that your project is financially feasible, we will then work to ensure that the transaction is structured safely — in a way that covers your interests in all the crucial areas. We will scrutinize the legal details and help you navigate:

Get A Consultation On Your Next Project

We offer our business clients an initial consultation on commercial property and financing projects. Call us at (905) 383-0828 to arrange an appointment or email us via our online form.