Real Estate FAQs

Answering Your Top Real Estate Faqs

As a busy real estate law firm here at Filice Law, we provide legal advice to hundreds of clients every year in Ancaster, Ontario.

Many are first-time home buyers. Even for those who aren’t, real estate transactions usually only happen a few times in a lifetime. Having plenty of questions is completely normal.

We’ve gathered for you three of the most common questions and concerns on the minds of our clients — and probably yours, too.

#1 Should I Skip A Home Inspection? 

To expedite a deal, some parties forego making an offer conditional on a home inspection. But, in all our years of experience, we’ve consistently found this to be a huge red flag.

Here’s the reality: You don’t know what you don’t know. The property may have telltale signs but you don’t know how to interpret them. Without a good home inspection, you may be inheriting a gigantic problem that could cost you dearly in the future.

Part of our role as your legal advisor is to seek your best interest. That’s why we maintain a network of trustworthy, high-quality home professionals. We can refer you to a reliable home inspector to help ensure you the greatest protection possible.

#2 — Who Does The Title Search?

Conducting a title search is a critical step in investigating the history of a property. The search can reveal whether the property has encumbrances and deficiencies that could prevent you from taking full possession.

Some firms that offer quick, bargain basement services do not have their lawyers conduct the search. At Filice Law, we do not skimp on such an important task. We only work with licensed, insured and experienced Ontario title searchers and our lawyers personally review all the work for every client.

Not infrequently, our firm fixes up mistakes that clients bring in from work conducted by other budget law firms. But when clients bring their transactions for our inspection, we ensure that the details are handled properly right from the start.

#3 — What Will It Cost Me To Close My Residential Deal?

A number of factors affect your closing costs. The cost and location of the property itself, whether you are a first-time home buyer, whether your lender requires you to obtain an appraisal — these and other factors impact your final closing costs.

Legal fees also vary from firm to firm. Some offer seemingly super-low rates. Others charge hourly rates. At Filice Law, we state our fees up front with full disclosure and transparency. Barring unusual circumstances, the fees do not change, no matter how many times you need to call us or how many questions you need to ask.

We believe that prices reflect the value of the services offered — and for us, that means giving you direct accessibility to your lawyer, performing thorough, high-quality work, guiding you through every step and giving you an attentive, positive, client-service experience.

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