Residential Mortgages And Refinancing

Solutions For Residential Mortgages And Refinancing

Mortgages are the most sizable loans that most individuals will ever take on. They’re also a significant investment for borrowers. Appreciating all that both borrowers and lenders have at stake, our mission at Filice Law is to help you successfully negotiate and complete financing on residential real estate transactions in a way that best protects your interests — financially and legally.

We Can Guide You To Unique Financing Solutions

In recent years, there are more borrowing options than ever for homebuyers to choose from. By personalizing our services, we work hard as to ensure that your financing package is truly best-suited to your individualized needs and situation.

Our firm does not operate in a one-size-fits-all production line environment. We take the time to truly understand your needs before making recommendations. With years of experience backing us, we understand your concerns — whether you’re a cash-strapped first-time homebuyer, a long-time property owner looking to unlock the equity or you fall somewhere in between.

Reverse Mortgages And Refinancing

Our firm is well-connected with some of the area’s best mortgage brokers. We can direct you to professionals that share our same high standards of practice. Then, we can provide you with insightful legal advice to help you reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls and liability issues of such financing options as:

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Whether you are currently considering a financing deal or need help to find one, we’re ready to provide you with immediate guidance, legal advice and recommendations. Call us at (905) 383-0828 or reach us by email to arrange a consultation.