Is my house ready to sell?

April 12, 2023

Owners can decide to sell a home at any time. However, if you are like most sellers who want to get as much money as possible from selling, it can take some work to get your house ready.

Taking the time to prepare can seem tedious or even unnecessary, but the steps we discuss below could make the difference between getting less than you want and getting more than you ask for.

Deal with known issues and defects

You probably know about every creaky floorboard or drafty window in your home already, but for the purposes of selling, you may want to 

conduct a title search

 and get an inspection.

These measures can cost time and money, but they could also reveal issues that jeopardize a sale. Having this information ahead of time gives you the opportunity to decide what to do, whether that entails adjusting the list price or making repairs.

Clean it up

Having a clean home can help you sell your home faster and for more money. A clean home can be a more appealing property to prospective buyers in person and in online photos. 

Whether you do the following yourself or hire a service, you can make your home ready for sale by:

  • Decluttering

  • Doing a deep clean

  • Freshen carpets, curtains and other textiles

  • Eradicate any pest infestations

  • Wash windows

  • Clean up the outside

  • Organize cupboards and closets

These tasks can add appeal to your home, making it more inviting.

Consider big projects carefully

Making some changes to your home can potentially increase the sale price. However, you do not want to put more into renovations or repairs than you stand to receive because of them.

For instance, replacing your roof could be more financially advantageous than converting your garage into a living space.

And attempting to make repairs or renovations yourself can be a costly misstep when you are not experienced in such projects. Additionally, you could wind up losing any money you spend on unnecessary luxury upgrades.

These preparations can have a significant financial impact when you put your house on the market, so completing them ahead of time can be wise.