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Real Estate Law — Sound Solutions, Built-in Value

In recent years, the real estate market in Ancaster, Ontario, and the Hamilton area has undergone substantial change. At Filice Law, we keep abreast of evolving developments and practices and reflect this back in the quality of legal advice that we give to clients. It’s our way of ensuring that you receive the comprehensive legal protection you need to make some of the most sizable transactions in your life.

Protect Your Interests In Life’s Biggest Investment

We are a busy real estate law firm that scrutinizes hundreds of residential purchases and sales, mortgage and refinancing structures and commercial property deals each year. We know the real estate industry and the legal mechanics that govern its operation.

Our goal is to act as your legal eyes and ears and ensure that you maximize your legal protections and minimize the risks that are often buried deep within the legal details of real estate deals. Some clauses may seem standard, but the implications could impact you significantly.

Our philosophy is that a solid transaction leads to durable results, with no unexpected surprises. We will analyze every legal detail of your transaction and ensure that everything is in order, nothing critical is missing, and any unforeseen, negative consequences are reduced, minimized or eliminated altogether if possible.

You Deserve Our Gold-Level Service

What also sets us apart from other firms in the area is the customized, meticulous and hands-on approach that clients have come to appreciate.

We never use unskilled workers to carry out critical tasks such as title searches. We only work with licensed, insured Ontario title searchers with many years of experience. Then, our lawyers personally review the work. But the analysis doesn’t end there. We will always be directly and actively involved in your file.

Read some of our clients’ most common FAQs. Ask as many questions as you need. Call us up any time. You’ll always know our fees up front, with no surprises. Service is a priority for us and our commitment to you.

Pat Filice also has an upcoming book Buyer Beware 101— with tips, insights and questions you should ask before making a real estate purchase. Stay tuned for details. Coming soon!

Get Initial Consultation With A Real Estate Lawyer

Call us for initial consultation on your next real estate project. Reach us at 905-581-2266 or through our website’s online email form.